Siila, a social force powered by our collected enlightment

Siila is a collaborative ecosystem essentially built for individual’s awakening and consciousness knowledge. Meditation practices date over 3000 years, and the knowledge today exists in dispersed pockets across the globe. The barriers of time, location and languages make it challenging for the seekers to get access to right resources.

The platform brings together the matrix of profiles for techniques, seekers, teachers, Spiritual Guides, Religious Leaders, centers, NGOs and corporates.

The Siila platform is completely open and filters, endorses, coordinates, and help communicates profiles, events and content.

Siila significantly reduces the seekers' time in getting access to high quality material. You can now learn about techniques, establish meaningful exchange with peers, teachers and spiritual leaders across the globe, stay up to date on events, sitting groups, centers near you, halls, near-by pop-up wisdom talks/lunches/meetings, organize peer-to-peer events and book classes, all on a single platform.

The grid is a fully collaborative tool allowing all of us to share the existing knowledge free of rights. Peer-to-peer reviews and ratings with the ability to flag inappropriate content and services bring forth the most honest and trustworthy material forward. Silla leverages best technology enabling an amazing experience.

Come experience the vast Siila Universe for an unique experience within. The Silla universe is ever expanding thanks to all of us sharing our enlightenments.