Gazing Meditation

Gazing meditation is a simple yet powerful meditative technique. Gazing meditation is popular in other philosophies like Jewish mysticism (Kaballah), qigong practice (moon-gazing), Sufism (Gazing the beloved), Greek philosophy (navel-gazing), Zen (floor gazing) and Dzogchen (sky-gazing). Gazing meditation is one of the shatkarmas known in the Hindu tradition and known as one of the greatest purification methods. Trataka (meaning to look or gaze in Sanskrit) is a meditative form that involves staring at a single point (like a reflection in a mirror, a black dot, or a lighted candle flame). The practice is based on the scientific fact that the movement of eyeballs is the reflection of thinking patterns. While focusing the attention of a single point, the practitioners can free the mind up of clutter and unwanted thoughts. Gazing can be Bahiranga (external) where the practitioners gaze on a symbol or object or Antaranga (internal) where stable and clear visualization is essential. Some of the many benefits of Gazing meditation include: Strengthens the eye muscles and helps in overcoming short-sightedness. Practicing before sleeping can improve the quality of your sleep. Removes distractions and calms the mind. Helps energize the ajna chakra and improve psychic power.

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