Pravassa Retreat

Pravassa is a renowned leader in transformative travel. Discover the power of expansion by connecting to new places, people, and cultures in a lasting way. As our lives and culture change, we’re evolv..

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The Soundbath Center

The Soundbath Center specializes in offering a variety of sound bath experiences in an intimate, small group environment. In our sound bath events we use a combination of 8 or more gongs and 16 crysta..

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Quantum Life University - School Of Third Eye

Quantum Life University offers a seamless integration of learning and teaching on a single, universal, non-judgemental and ever-encouraging platform wherein you can begin applying the teachings of the..

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Wellness Vibe

A Research Center for Sound Healing, Sound Therapy and Naad Yoga in Mumbai

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International Academy of Sound Healing

“Academy of Sound Healing” is one of the world’s leading Sound Healing Academy & Research Institute, offering, Awareness Lectures, Sound Healing & Meditation Sessions, Training Workshops & Seminars, w..

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Zen Mind space

Zen Mind Space is a curated experience where the healing therapies and science meet. The center customizes treatments to address the challenges of modern living in order to enhance emotional well-bein..

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Shambala Gatherings

Shambala is an intimate yoga community and retreat centre in the middle of the Swedish forest. Helping people explore themselves through yoga, meditation, nature and connection.

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Rishikesh Yoga Club

Rishikesh Yoga Club and its Affiliate Centers is situated in the best place for Yoga training – Rishikesh. We offer the ideal spiritual and healthy environment for Yoga practice. We are a top rated yo..

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Aatm Yogashala

"Aatm Yogashala" the name of our school itself means "soul", a place which will lead you to the path of self-realization and create a strong connection to your soul and make you listen to your inner v..

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Center For Sound Therapy Image

Center For Sound Therapy

Our expertise lies in using the ancient science of sound healing and o..

Christy Hicks  Marsden Image

Christy Hicks Marsden

Owner and founder of Yoga Blend, Christy is passionate about living li..

Arjuna Rice Image

Arjuna Rice

Though his name may deceive you, Arjuna did not start his life in down..

Bekah Finch Image

Bekah Finch

At the moment of birth, each of us becomes a unique conduit where eart..

Susan Raglin Image

Susan Raglin

Susan, aka "Anasuya", has been a dancer all her life. She originally g..

Satya Brat Maestro Image

Satya Brat Maestro

Maestro Satya Brat, the Founder & President of Academy of Sound Healin..

Satya Brat Maestro Image

Satya Brat Maestro

Maestro Satya Brat, the Founder & President of Academy of Sound Healin..

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