Siila for Businesses

Siila, as a collaborative ecosystem, gathers essential techniques of the meditation universe allowing users to experience and learn about themselves.

Governments together with workforce and employers understand that wellbeing through meditation is at the essence of modern minds.

Never in recent history meditation, in its various forms, has been that advocated in schools, universities and at work.

Cultivating the mental health of employers and employees profoundly increases focus, creativity and work ethics.

It simply makes our work environment a happy place with stronger bonds between people and spreads positive corporate culture.

Summer 2024 Siila will extend it’s offer to corporates launching Siila Pro providing human resource managers a digital tool to tailor mental wellbeing needs for each individual.

Siila Pro is an administration solution simplifying the work of wellbeing managers, human resources and accounting departments.

With a dedicated dashboard personnel collectively with human resources will be able to request and validate their weekly, monthly or yearly wellbeing objectives.

From daily meditation or yoga sessions at the office or paying directly their monthly membership in chosen centers, Siila Pro empowers wellbeing at work.

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