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Yoga offers numerous benefits to dancers. Not only will it support you in your dance practice but it will also help you outside of the studio. Yoga offers benefits for your mind, body, and spirit. Let’s explore the 6 best ways that a regular yoga practice can help to support dancers. As a dancer, you face unique challenges on both a physical and mental level. Dance demands focus, commitment, flexibility, strength, and grace. Every day you step into the studio, you are expected to perform at your very best. This requires a tremendous amount of discipline. While dance can bring so much joy, empowerment, and creativity, it is also a challenging and sometimes competitive artform. As a result, yoga has become a common cross-training regimen for all types of dancers. Many dancers seek out yoga as a way to compliment their physical dance regimen, connect to their breath, build their confidence, prevent injuries, develop their discipline, and perhaps most importantly, de-stress!

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