Shambhala Mountain Center

Nestled high in the Colorado Rockies in a serene 600-acre valley surrounded by rocky peaks and pine and aspen forests, Shambhala Mountain Center provides a safe and supportive container for the teachi..

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Qigong Institute

The Qigong Institute is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the scientific understanding of the basis of Qigong through research and education.

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Tai Chi and Meditation Center

The Tai Chi and Meditation Centre (TCMC) was founded by Shifu Andy James (Wu Andao), who in 1984 gave up being a Chartered Accountant to become a fulltime teacher of Mindfulness-Vipassana meditation, ..

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Choy Lee Fut

Chan Family accredited schools are found in 16 countries and there are thousands of practitioners worldwide.

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Align Breathe Connect

Align Breathe Connect offers a range of services from Exercise Physiology, Massage and Pilates, to Persian Yoga, Japanese Yoga and Meditation.

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Yang Yang Image

Yang Yang

Yang Yang, PhD, is recognized in the traditional tai chi and qigong co..

Randy Sugawara Image

Randy Sugawara

Ph.D.,Mental health counseling and Qigong/Tai Chi Chuan instructor ser..

Teja Fudo  Myoo Bell Image

Teja Fudo Myoo Bell

Radiant Heart Qigong / Qigong and Meditation / Qigong~Dharma. Rinzai L..

Paul White Image

Paul White

He is a licensed mental health professional who utilizes various forms..

Dr. Devatara Holman Image

Dr. Devatara Holman

Dr. Devatara Holman, DACM, Lac.Dzogchen Lineage Upasika Bodhisattva Dh..

Michael Rinaldini Image

Michael Rinaldini

Teaching: Qigong, Circle Walking, Daoist zuowang meditation, Qigong Ce..

Lorelei Chang Image

Lorelei Chang

Lorelei Chang is a renowned qigong, taiji and modern dance artist, and..

Robert Haroth Image

Robert Haroth

He teach the Daoist Five Dao Yin, Five Element QiGong, Five Treasures ..

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