Siila Foundation

Meditation across traditions believes in giving back what has been received. In-line with the thought of giving back, the Siila Foundation will be established in 2024, as the core body, alongside the overall Siila Project.

The meditation and yoga universe is vast and dispersed. The foundation will help meditation projects around the world with volunteering and financial assistance needed, offering the donors an opportunity to contribute, which was otherwise difficult, considering the location barriers.

The Foundation will support a wide spectrum of meditation and yoga needs, from seedling financially small projects to establishing meaningful interactions with the spiritual leaders as well as organizing local volunteering needs. Online donations to fund the Siila Foundation, as well as specific collaborative meditation projects, benefits both the seekers and non-profit organizations alike.

The Siila Foundation will directly controls 20% of the equity of Siila and invests this in honest, worthy causes. The Foundation echoes that Siila is a structurally socially responsible entity alongside its fundamental mission.

The Siila Foundation will work closely with non-profits organizations across the globe, evaluating their meditation projects funding needs, and bringing them to the Siila platform, for better outreach.